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Our firm specializes in traditional litigation as well as alternative dispute resolution in divorce cases.

Bert Dempsey

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Divorce is one of the most difficult life experiences that we have to face. It combines the challenges of restructuring the family from one unit into two and the emotional upset of co-parenting issues, and financial upheaval.

Having experienced and competent legal counsel to guide you through the legal, financial and parenting issues of divorce can be one of the most important decisions will you make, because the decisions made in your divorce will affect you, your children and your ex-spouse for years. Also of great importance are other family law matters, including post-decree issues such as modification of parenting time, child support and maintenance.

I am an experienced family law litigator and an experienced and respected Collaborative law practitioner and family law mediator.

I have been a licensed attorney in Colorado since 1983 and have been a specialist in family law in Boulder County since 1991.

During their divorce, clients need an attorney who not only has skill and experience to deal with the legal issues but one  who is also dedicated to helping them resolve their conflict in the most productive way possible for themselves and their children.

When you come to me for advice and representation, I will listen to your concerns and explain how I can help you achieve your goals. Following our discussion, the most appropriate solution for you may be traditional litigation, the Collaborative process or mediation. Whatever course of action is chosen will be the result of an informed decision making process on your part and a genuine concern for your family’s welfare on my part.

In addition to providing legal representation in the litigation of family law issues, I offer alternatives to litigation thus giving my clients the opportunity to resolve conflict without needing to enter the courthouse even once. These alternatives are divorce mediation, Collaborative divorce, limited legal representation (perhaps while you are working with another mediator), and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) including early neutral evaluation.

A structured process of alternative dispute resolution is an insightful choice particularly for parents who have years of co-parenting in their future. The sooner parents are able to find positive ways to discuss their concerns and come to agreements for their restructured family the better off they and their children will be.


Traditional Divorce, Post-Decree Issues, Collaborative Law,
 Family Law Mediation, Unbundled Legal Services, Early Neutral Evaluation

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Bert Dempsey has over 21 years experience in family law in Boulder.



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