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What is Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is an approach to practicing law which allows clients to resolve their differences with attorney representation but without the attorneys taking positions which potentially can escalate the conflict.

The collaborative process allows you to avoid the courthouse, yet

  • work  through issues in a safe environment

  • have legal advice through every step of the process

  • retain control over your own life and the lives of your children

  • have the opportunity to learn to work together with your spouse regarding future  parenting

  • reduce stress and anxiety related to divorce.

colalborative divorce in boulder county
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If you  are interested in using the collaborative process, contact our office.  We can provide you with written material to share with your spouse and can provide the names of other attorneys who work in this manner.

How does the collaborative process work?

The couple and their attorneys agree to  meet in a series of four-way conferences to work exclusively toward settlement. The parties agree they will not go to Court.

Mediators, mental health professionals, financial experts,  vocational evaluators, child specialists - join  the team as required, and hired by the team, not the individual.

Once agreement is reached, the attorneys prepare the appropriate documents and file them with the Court.

Collaborative Divorce Boulder: Why is Bert Dempsey qualified to practice collaborative law?

Having handled ‘traditional’ divorce cases for several years and having personal knowledge of the anxiety and stress on both parents and children going through divorce, Bert knew there must be a better way.

In 1996 Mr. Dempsey established his own mediation practice with much personal satisfaction and success.

Becoming familiar with the collaborative process has positioned him to not only facilitate settlement but also provide his clients with sound legal advice.

What are the benefits of the collaborative process?

Both attorneys and the parties share the goal of cooperative problem solving, instead of pulling in opposition to each other.

Both parties jointly hire experts, if needed. This saves time and dollars.

The greatest harm done to children during and after divorce is due to continuing conflict between the parents. An agreement formed by the parties through the collaborative is more likely to be followed years down the road.



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