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Traditional Litigation

Are you facing a divorce and in need of experienced legal counsel?

I have over 20 years of experience in family law in Boulder county.

When you are faced with going through divorce, it is important to choose a divorce method that is most likely to be of benefit for you and your family

I am dedicated to, first of all, helping you select the appropriate divorce model for you and your family. Although there are wonderful alternatives to Traditional Litigation they may not be the appropriate way to engage with your spouse. The first thing we would do together is discuss all available options to determine which method of dissolution is best for you and your children.

I am dedicated to protecting your interests, your children's interests and to helping you achieve resolution on parenting time, property division and spousal support (maintenance). After listening carefully to your concerns, I will help you choose among the options.

If you are in what may be a high conflict relationship where you are perhaps already separated and issues regarding the children and finances cannot be resolved, the traditional model of divorce may be the best for you.

If the relationship between you and your spouse is such that you are really unable to communicate without conflict, the court system provides the structure and time line to get things resolved when other methods may result in delays do to a lack of co-operation. If we determine it to be in you and your children’s best interest, I will represent you in court.

Although, I heartily support both Collaborative divorce and mediation, these models of dispute resolution require both participants to be able to see beyond the current disputes to a day when they do want to co-parent in relative peace.

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