Benefits to Collaborative Divorce

What are some of the benefits of the Collaborative Divorce process ?

There are many benefits to the Collaborative Divorce process; some are listed here.

Decrease in Conflict.

In a Collaborative Process each parent is not only represented, but also heard. The parent is a part of each and every decision, whether it is about the children, the finances, or the family home. Each Collaborative team is created to help all family members not only survive, but thrive. When divorcing partners are represented, heard, and respected, conflict decreases and the focus becomes finding solutions for all concerned.


The agreement between parties to be transparent and forthcoming with each other regarding assets, parenting time plans, etc. allows parents and children to focus on healing from the divorce.


Since all agreements are made before any court appearance, the details of your divorce will not be shared in open court.

Children’s Best Interests.

In the Collaborative Process, concerned parents can consult a Child Specialist regarding their concerns about their minor children w/o court involvement.

Representation of Both Spouses Financial Interests.

A neutral financial specialist can be used to look at financial needs and goals for both partners and can educate both of you as to your options.

Skill Building.

Opportunity to improve communications with your spouse.

Future Orientation.

The Collaborative process helps you work in the present, with an eye to the future.

Keeping your In-laws.

The decrease in conflict and polarization of the family may allow the marriage to be dissolved in such a way that you can maintain a good relationship with your in-laws.

Durable agreement.

Because the decisions and plans for your pareting and finances are all made with your unique circumstances in mind, there is a better chance of you and your spouse complying with the agreement.

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