Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

A method to resolve dissolution of marriage issues is by working with a divorce mediator. While working as a mediator I do my best to provide a safe environment in which each party has the opportunity to express their position, needs, opinions and desires. If you are represented by an attorney, s/he may participate in the mediation.

Even though I am an attorney, when functioning as a mediator I cannot offer legal advice to either party. As your mediator, I would use my legal knowledge to identify legal and financial issues and encourage both parties to obtain advice from another professionals such as a financial planner or parenting specialist so that you can make your decisions from an informed position.

The outcome of the divorce mediation is up to the participating parties. A mediator makes no decisions on the issues, but supports both parties to make decisions for themselves. I will assist you in:

  • Clarifying issues
  • Identifying your needs and desires and the needs and desires you have for your children.
  • Helping to create parenting and property settlement options that best meet your needs and desires.

Divorce mediation’s are typically done in a series of 2-2.5 hour meetings with ‘homework’ such as obtaining documents and/or seeking advice from another expert, such as a divorce financial specialist or accountant between meetings.

In the event you cannot be in the same room as your spouse, because of a restraining order or another reason, I have separate rooms available for each of you.

As is Collaborative divorce, mediation is a good option when you want to work cooperatively and maintain a workable relationship with your spouse regarding future parenting.

I established the Collaborative Divorce and Mediation Center to help family law clients achieve their legal goals without the need for courtroom litigation. I have been providing mediation services to divorcing families in Boulder County since 1996 and would be pleased to discuss this option with you.

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Always have an experienced divorce attorney review the final settlement draft before you sign it. Better yet, make use of a consulting attorney during the mediation process. This would help you know if what you are considering is a viable option for you.

If you have concerns about your spouse’s withholding financial information, you might consider filing the case. This will allow the Court to compel the production of needed documents.

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