Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Are you considering divorce and concerned about the effect divorce litigation can have on your children?


Have you known others who just can’t stop the fighting while their children seem caught in the middle?


Are you undecided about whether to take this risk and proceed with the divorce?


The Collaborative divorce is a way to conduct your divorce that could greatly reduce the risk of trauma to yourself and your children.

You may feel that it is impossible to resolve your issues without a ‘fight’. I know your stress about this is great and real. Many of my clients felt the same way at the beginning of the process, however as we worked through this together they found that disagreement does not require anger, asserting their opinion does not need to produce a hostile response.

I recently completed a case in which the couple had two children under the age of ten. When we started out, Mother was sure that an appropriate parenting plan could not be fashioned due to her husband’s erratic work schedule and his current anger over the situation. I won’t say it was easy. There were some rough times when, I think, both of them wanted to give up. However, to their credit they were able to maintain their focus on what was best for their children. The result was a parenting plan that worked!

In order for you and your spouse to understand how this process can work I suggest you look at our Team’s Approach and benefits to why you should consider collaborative divorce.

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